Keep Your Aura Charged

As the days are flooded with light that seems to get darker and darker, I found refuge in a compositional practice that unites deep listening and meditation with the very¿?essence of music itself: somatic stimulation using vibrations. Recognizing that we and the world around us are nothing but vibrations/oscillations, drone music can get in touch with a profound aspect of our ways of being. Calmly and urgently, it has the power to animate the connection between things and critters, between matter and spirituality. It enables us to get in tune with our surroundings and each other. «Keep Your Aura Charged» is ~7 or more or less x 12 minutes of drone music. Bringing this to a live context is an attempt to create a non-dogmatic ritual for collective introspection and to open ourselves to empathy, a wordless mantra to stay hopeful.

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